Here are some routes and activities that you can do around our facility to discover the area around us.


An amazing adventure, a spectacular journey through space and time!
The territory of the Germanasca Valley represents a spectacular natural geological section, observing which it is possible to know many of the rocks that contributed to the formation of the Alps.

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An unforgettable adventure, discovering a mine of … talcum!
Enter the tunnel on board the train of miners, perceive the fresh air on the skin, be enveloped by the darkness of the subsoil broken only by the glitter of the white talc, be amazed by the absolute silence of the mine and then start at the strong vibrations of the jackhammers or due to sudden explosions.

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If your passion is the vertical ropes and remain hanging on the rock walls, the Pinerolo area offers many anchor points…

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RAFTING: come and experience strong emotions in Val Chisone

Contrary to what many think, no experience is needed, rafting is a sport suitable for everyone, from the wildest to the most fearful, without particular contraindications. The only requirement is to know how to swim. You can choose between the various routes that River Action offers.

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Fort of Fenestrelle: the fortress that can be seen from the Moon

The Fort of Fenestrelle consists of three fortified complexes joined by a tunnel inside which runs the longest covered staircase in Europe, with 4,000 steps. It has an area of 1,350,000 square meters of compendium and a length of 3 km distributed over 650 m in altitude.

You can discover the fort with three guided tours and at night through a suggestive historical re-enactment to tell the story and secrets from 1728 to the present day of the largest alpine fortification in Europe.

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Natural Park of Conca Cialancia and the 13 lakes

For mountain lovers and outdoor walks of considerable attraction is the circular path that winds through the Park area: starting from the Alpe del Lauson you can reach the lakes of Conca Cialancia through the military road. In the enchanting scenery of the 13 lakes basin of Prali (TO) in the upper Germanasca Valley is located the Ramella lake (2586 m) better known as the lake of the cannons. This curious nickname derives from the fact that in 1937 the 149th artillery battery of the GaF (Guardia alla Frontiera) was placed nearby and that two of the guns that composed it, a unique case throughout the Western Alpine front, are still in position in the respective pitches, on the shores of Lake Ramella.

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Natural Park of Val Troncea

A park in the heart of the Cozie Alps.

Val Troncea is the head of the catchment area of the Chisone stream, whose springs originate from the Barifreddo and Appenna mountains. The valley was formed as a result of the action of the glaciers and erosive phenomena still in progress. Located in the heart of the Cozie Alps, the park covers an area of 3280 hectares occupying the upper part of the basin of the Chisone stream. The protected territory bounded by most of its perimeter from three thousand meters of altitude, it insists totally on the Municipality of Pragelato, owner for 89% of the land.

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